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Recruiting Advisory

Recruitment Consulting From People Experts

Davis Laine is a Recruitment Consulting firm focused on Talent Acquisition setup and operation, Upskill Training, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). We offer professional recruitment search firm capabilities for contract and permanent placement searches, with flexible and affordable solutions. 

Solutions For Your Talent Acquisition Headache

Securing and retaining top talent is a critical priority for companies today. During the consulting process, Davis Laine evaluates current hiring processes, infrastructure, and position marketing. Our expert recruiters will then provide solutions to better communicate your company benefits, streamline processes, and train talent acquisition personnel.

Through specialized Upskill and ‘Hunter’ training, Davis Laine produces effective internal recruiters who are trained in the best practices and methods utilized by outside recruiting agencies.


Davis Laine offers outsourced On-Demand recruiting and can be engaged in traditional recruitment searches.

Let Us Take Care of the Headache

Recruiting Problems We Solve

Competing for talent in today’s market sometimes requires the help of an Expert. Davis Laine brings a track record of 15 years of experience and there are few situations we haven’t seen. We can help you select technology recruitment vendors, hire and train internal recruiters, setup a new Talent department and more!

Many times, the airplane is being built as it is being flown, and advice can be specific around key areas where guidance is needed. We are problem solvers and here are a few most common problems we assist clients with:

·      Addressing Talent Acquisition Setup, Management and Compensation Questions

·      Identifying Early Mistakes in Critical Internal Hiring Decisions

·      Filling Knowledge/Skills Gaps in Recruiting Teams

·      Identifying & Addressing Recruiter Performance and/or Management Issues

·      Helping You Meet Surge Hiring Demands

How Can Davis Laine Improve Your Recruiting Efforts?

Advisory on Tools, Tech, Costs, and Skill Sets for Internal TA and Human Resources Teams:

  • Which sourcing tools are most appropriate for current and future needs?

  • What level of internal recruiting talent and skill set is needed?

  • How do we properly set up our internal recruiting hires for success? How do we properly interview internal recruiters?

We can assist with best practices, advice, and even participate in the selection process.

Deep Dives into Internal Hiring Process, Interview Strategy, and Onboarding:

Davis Laine analyzes existing processes, timelines, feedback commitments, and onboarding strategies to ensure your company is the right choice for great talent. This focus on candidate experience can help identify where your company is losing out in the hiring process.

Specialized Upskill Training/Coaching of Recruiting Teams:

Davis Laine offers specialized Recruiter Upskill Training for existing Talent Acquisition departments. This training focuses on practical and tactical methods employed by the most productive recruiters in the market. We teach internal corporate recruiters to be Hunters for your organization.

Specialized Recruiter Management and Evaluation Training:

Managing performance and getting strong results from internal recruiting teams is critical to candidate retention. Davis Laine offers advice and methods for ensuring a return on this investment.

On-Demand Surge Support Recruiting Services:

Does your existing recruiting department need assistance during times of high volume? Davis Laine offers flexible options for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), as well as traditional recruitment services through contract or permanent placement. Let us help identify the right job candidates for your business.

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DLP is for growth-stage and mid-size companies who need expert advice and analysis to grow smartly, and do it in the most cost-effective way possible.

DLP is a Deep Dive into your talent acquisition process. It is designed to give you tactical feedback and actionable recommendations to improve your processes, systems and tools, thus saving you vast amounts of time and money.



A small and growing federal integrator was awarded a Prime Contract and engaged Davis Laine to identify, interview and then train their first internal recruiter, while advising on sourcing tools, metrics and management structure and compensation.  The customer was thrilled with the caliber and results.



Let Us Take Care of the Headache



Is bigger better? Do some firms actually have better networks/talent pools? Is outsourcing too expensive?  

Find out the answers to these and other myths by watching our video!

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