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Recruiter Skills Training

Recruiter Training Programs

Davis Laine brings 15 years of experience hiring, training and developing recruiters to excel in their positions. Specialized tactical recruiter skills training, or DLT, exposes existing recruiting teams to industry best-practices for real-world scenarios.

DLT provides your recruiting team with a competitive edge designed to attract and retain more qualified candidates for your organization. We utilize role playing, tactical teaching, problem solving and psychology exercises to establish best practices that can be used daily.

Davis Laine’s mission is to deliver world-class Talent Acquisition Training. We help transform recruiters and give them the tools to find the top talent for their organizations.

Recruiter Training Programs by Davis Laine

Davis Laine offers seven different DLT modules, each lasting roughly 1-2 hours in length depending on class size. The ideal class size per session is five or under, which ensures universal participation and engagement. They are centered around professional development, overcoming common challenges, candidate psychology, and hiring process management. This program can benefit HR professionals, experienced recruiters and new hires.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Fundamental

A rapidly-growing cyber security firm engaged Davis Laine to train and coach their recruiting team to compete with their competitors in the battle for technical talent, and coach their recruiting manager to measure and performance manage.  Following two days of interactive growth-oriented skills training, their recruiting team is delivering candidates to the company (and hiring them) at a level they need to scale at goal.

Candidate Attraction For Company Value

Every company is unique and different in its own way but few articulate those differences to the talent market. This module explores how to clearly identify and market those differences to candidates effectively. 

Interested In Having A Conversation?

Requirement Qualification Training

Take a deeper dive into the mechanics of a position with the Recruitment Qualification Training module. Davis Laine believes a recruiter’s job is to fully investigate the position requirements and understand the ideal candidate profile. This module offers practical questioning, skill set explanation gathering, and best practices to ensure mutual understanding of qualified candidates. 

ABLD or Process Control Training

Always Be Locking Down, or ABLD, is the bedrock training of DLT. This module focuses on candidate psychology and identification as well as common issues that occur during the recruitment process. This module transforms most participants into more thorough recruiters who anticipate surprises and secure higher acceptance rates. 

Training For Cleared Candidate Recruiting

When positions require special clearance, recruiters face additional challenges. Candidates face a near-zero unemployment rate and delayed start dates during clearance crossover. In this program, participants review clearance levels, the psychology of cleared candidates and recruitment strategies to employ when engaging with candidates. 

Hiring Manager Management Training

This module is filled with tactical advice and guidance as well as real-world scenario discussion specific to hiring managers. Participants emerge from this training with new perspectives on their roles and how to find greater success as a recruitment leader. 

Recruiter Management & Expectation Setting

Recruiter Management and Expectation Setting helps organizations manage new recruiters and enhance the performance of existing team members. These lessons can be applied to human resources and talent acquisition teams. The lessons are highly beneficial to companies who have not previously invested in the talent acquisition space. 

Who Is Davis Laine Recruiter Training For?

Whether you have an existing recruiting team, or are hiring your first internal resource, DLT can help. Most organizations do not offer training for recruiters. Simply offering basic company details and access to applicant tracking software in not enough. With DLT, your team participates in interactive training courses designed to increase job satisfaction and execution.

Every company is unique and different in its own way but few articulate those differences to the talent market. This module explores how to clearly identify and market those differences to candidates effectively.

DLT classes are operated by a Davis Laine Trainer and feature lessons from recruiting experts. Participants are led through best practices, market data, and specific role-plays to enhance their skills during the interview process. These fun and interactive sessions create lasting memories and inspire your recruiters to apply their learnings on the job.

Davis Laine can help your team identify tools, systems and metrics to consider so your recruiting team can excel moving forward.

How Does Davis Laine Recruiter Training Work?


ABLD, or Always Be Locking Down, is our time-tested system for working with candidates throughout the hiring process. Each company is different, each industry is different, each skill set is different. ABLD is the same. It is a noun, and a verb.  


We Train Great Recruiters

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